“It is possible to save all souls,” the Lord Jesus Christ said to Fr. Montfort SHL

When Monfort was a little boy Jesus showed him His wounded Heart. It had lost all blood and turned pale. Bitterly weeping Jesus said: “See this Heart that loves mankind so much but is not loved… If you can make this Heart turn red again… the Reign of God’s Love will be established.” “How can I make Your Heart turn red again?” Immediately the Two Hearts of Love appeared – the Heart of Jesus with the Heart of Mary. Jesus said: “This is the only solution: unite with the Two Wounded and Bleeding Hearts.

Montfort wondered how one could unite with the Divine and the Immaculate Heart. So Jesus taught him the Prayer of the Two Hearts of Love and asked him to teach others, and bring all to His Love.

Jesus warned him: “so many people roam about without knowing Me, loving Me and coming to Me andtherefore being lost… I sent you into this world just for this reason, to love and live and pray and preach this… Union of Hearts of Love.” “Tell everybody… all should consecrate themselves… to the Two wounded and bleeding Hearts. Remember what happened in the days of Noah… only those who entered the Ark were saved. But all who entered the Ark were saved.


Rev. Fr. Montfort Chuk­wuemeka Okanwikpo Okaa, born on the solemnity of Immaculate Conception, 1957, in Orlu, Nigeria, was ordained catholic priest on 17th July 1983.

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